Aaadmi Ka Jism Kya Hai !!??

Aaadmi ka jism kya hai ? ,jis pe shayda hai jahaan,
Ek mitti ki imaarat,ek mitti ka makaan!!

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There are some who are content to passively coast through, hoping they land where they need to be and know what to do when the time comes.Then there are others, who make active choices to understand who they are and what they want, and set the goals that will keep them moving in the right direction.But a big part of having a successful life, is learning how to cope with the lessons that life has to teach us.


Quintessential Wisdom!!

Har Zulm Ka Badla Zulm Nahi, Insaan key liye !! Ehsaan sey maara kartey hain, Aqlaaq sey jeeta kartey hain !! [Not human to reply with ill-treat for every maltreat!! Rather beat with favors,win with morals!!] To realize the full potential of our life, to fill it with optimum joy and to lead a truly […]

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